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The Gypsy ~ The Land of Ire

The Gypsy ~ The Inca Trail

The Gypsy takes you to Warterford, Ireland with Guest Michael Barron-Wilke. Michael shares his tips and tricks in locating one's roots in the old country. After locating his relatives Wikes and his wife were invited for a weekend stay and treated like royalty. Join the Gypsy as we explore Lismore Castle and how you too can have this luxe experience.  28:03 Mins

The Gypsy ~ El Camino De Santiago

Seve Cardosi interviews fellow traveler Valeria Trujillo about her pilgrimage across El Camino De Santiago in memory of her father. Her 500 mile walk spanned from the French Pyrenees to Santiago De Compostela in North West Spain.  Valeria shares her experiences about walking such a long distance, the pilgrim community, secret symbols, preparation tips, and how this experience changed her life. 28:09 mins

The Gypsy Podcast

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The Gypsy takes us on a magical quest across the Andes Mountains to the Ancient city of Machu Picchu. Author Mark Gross and his eloquent storytelling transport us to this sacred site as he shares his accounts of hardships and joys. Mark offers great insight on planning and preparation, as well as the deep spiritual benefits of such an intensive journey. 28:42 Mins

This Episode of The Gypsy takes you across India on a journey designed specifically for photographers. Walt and Nancy Custer of Sea Ranch California share their experience and images of an amazing expedition that spanned from majestic temples & The River Ganges to remote tiger sanctuaries.  25 Mins

The Gypsy ~ Photographing India